ClassDrive and its team will be by your side even in case of long trips to your destinations in Italy and Europe. Count on our support to visit the most beautiful cities or for professional reasons. We will be in the car waiting for you.

On board services

ClassDrive provides everything you need:

  • Water and Internet connection
  • Clean and comfortable wehicle
  • Designed route according to personal needs and traffic conditions

Your favorite playlist

Send us your favorite songs or those of the people who will accompany you to make them a pleasant surprise. You will find the active playlist on board.

Arriva sempre in orario


Our staff is required to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. Private information shared during the trip will remain confidential. ClassDrive periodically carries out the Mistery Trips where we pretend to be customers in order to verify that the shared rules are respected in order to protect our customers completely.

We also periodically send satisfaction questionnaires to constantly improve our Service Levels and analyze:

  • Punctuality
  • Courtesy
  • Discretion
  • Driving skills